Waste processing

Nature's Own Fly Control

Locations where waste is collected and processed are an ideal breeding ground for flies. The flies that come with the collected waste provide a constant stream of new populations that continue to develop on location. This often causes a major nuisance to the environment.

Types of waste processing

Biological fly control can be used in various types of waste processing. It has been found that with a completely natural approach, fly development can be effectively controlled in composting, domestic waste buffers and PMD processing.

Bestico's integrated fly control system

The key to successful fly control is always a preventive approach at the source. Our integrated fly control system is a unique approach. We use different insects and fly traps to tackle every life stage of the fly.

Biomite (predatory mites against fly eggs)

Predatory mites that attack fly eggs and youngest larvae.

Biofly (raptor flies against fly larvae)

Robber fly larvae attack the larvae of unwanted flies in very humid areas.

Biowasp (parasitic wasps against fly pupae)

Parasitic wasps parasitize fly pupae in drier places where they can be found clustered.

Fly Trap

An innovative fly trap to catch adult flies around the terrain. In combination with Appibuster lure it is extremely effective for capturing large numbers of adult flies.

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