How natural pest control works

Alright, let’s see how natural pest control actually works. Take for instance fly control with the Biowasp.

Traditional pest control vs. nature’s own

Traditional pest control works. It also destroys the ecosystem, affects the health of your animals, yourself, the environment and the products you’re making. So if there is a natural alternative, why not work with that? We truly believe that this is the only way forward for livestock farmers, hobbyists and other applications.

The system behind natural pest control for cattle farms

We learned that the most effective pest control relies on a system and strategy. At Bestico, we offer complete solutions; from insects to buckets, advice and everything in between. Get in touch with our experts to see what would work best for you.

Controlling early life stages prevents fly infestations

For every life stage of the plague there is a specific solution available. This gives you the tools you need to manage the pest fly outbreak. From breaking the life cycle of the pest fly at the larval stage until fly traps for catching adult flies. The solutions make sure you stay on top of the pest and prevent new outbreaks.

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We believe nature can handle herself.

That’s why we use nature’s own pest control