Fly Bucket Trap 10L

An innovative bucket trap intended

to target the adult life stage of flies

around the farm yard. When combined

with BESTICO’s fly bait, it is extremely

effective at capturing high volumes of

adult flies.

Available online

Our Fly Bucket trap is available to purchase from our webshop as well as other fly trapping products.


How does it work?

A bait solution which is irresistible to flies is placed inside the bucket. Flies are also attracted by the vivid yellow colour of the bucket due to its similarity to pollen. Flies enter the bucket through strategically placed one-way cones around the bucket and are then unable to escape, drowning in the bait solution.

How to use the Fly Trap

Prepare the Fly Trap

Pour one fly bait powder refill per fly trap bucket. Add 5 liter water and stir gently. Place the trap in full sun at a height of 100-150 cm above ground level. When content of bucket rehydrates refill with a new container of bait and water.

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A successful approach to biological fly control is

based on strategically planned releases.

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