Fly egg predators

A predatory mite which targets fly eggs

and young fly larvae.

How does it work

Once installed the predators prey on eggs and very young larvae of different species of flies and also eat the eggs and young larvae of flies such as fruit flies or fungus gnats.

Another benefit is that it establishes a large population much quicker than Hypoaspis species, which means that this predatory mite has a shorter response time when problems arise.

How does it work

How to apply

Biomite is a soil-dwelling predatory mite so to improve efficiency release the predators in areas which mimic the natural habitat, such as wet litter areas, wet straw, soil and manure.Apply one or two releases during the summer months as the predatory mite likes warmth. With summer temperatures it will develop rapididly, with an egg to egg cycle of about 10-15 days.

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A successful approach to biological fly control is

based on strategically planned releases.

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