We believe nature can handle herself.

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This is what our world deserves

We’re fond of the beautiful ways of nature. It’s efficient, self-regulating and ever-evolving. For way too long, harmful chemicals have been the go-to solution to battle pests on farms. But looking at the power of nature, we thought we could do better. Better for the animals, farmers and our environment. We help you use the natural solutions that our world deserves.

Sharing our deep understanding of the ecosystem

Our biologists, agricultural experts, and animal experts have a deep understanding of the ecosystem. We have fifty years of research under the belt and love sharing knowledge. It’s what brought us where we are today and could brighten up your tomorrow. We’d love to hear your story so we can learn from each other.

Let insects do the job.

Rob and Hannah Collins


“Biowasp fly parasites

are the backbone of our integrated fly management plan”