Predator of the Litter Beetle

Fighting only against the adults remains ineffective because the stock of larvae is much larger and more detrimental in breeding. Prioritizing the larvae is therefore a necessity.Adults can be an indicator of presence and can be trapped.

How it works

Be-Leave is a live product containing predatory worms that specialize in mealworm larvae. Once sprayed on the litter, these microscopic worms activate and infect the mealworm larvae. They kill them in 24 to 48 hours.

How to use it

The predators are sprayed on the surface of the litter, insisting under the feeders and the weights as well as around the walls and partitions. Use a pull-behind sprayer to gain efficiency.

Predator spraying can be done in the presence of animals and does not require special protective equipment. Be-Leave can be used in organic farming.

Cattle farmer Wim Janssen on Biofly:

‘It really changed my perspective on sustainable farming’

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