Androlis and Taurrus PRO

Predatory Red Mite

Androlis and Taurrus PRO are predatory mites of red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae). They are used in laying hens and breeding hens as part of the biological control of these parasites. Androlis and Taurrus PRO predators are released into the hens' environment to control and eliminate red mites.

Androlis and Taurrus Pro Set

The Androlis and Taurrus Pro predator buckets are used in combination at the rate of 1 bucket of each (1 kit) for 1500 hens as part of a complete release or 3000 hens as part of a half-release. Upon receipt, open the buckets and distribute the predators contained in their substrate by hand. Spread these on the gratings, in the nests and on the resting areas of the hens (perches and borders).

Carry out a first release 2 weeks after the arrival of the hens then half-releases or regular releases during the batch. In addition to the kits, use Androlis sachets to protect nest roofs.

Protection of nests and plates

Red mites like to congregate in areas near chickens and stay hidden there. Often the plates of the nests, the edges of carpets and the metal structures of these nests offer excellent refuges for red mites. In order to prevent or control these aggregates in these areas, it is necessary to combine the release of predators in buckets with the Androlis diffusion sachets. Integrate the sachets into your control protocols and renew the sachets regularly (every 6 weeks depending on infestation).

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